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Action Investigators - About Us

Skip Tracing, "The Old Fashion way" We actually talk to people!

Did you know that most organizations claiming to be Skip Tracers do nothing more than search endless computer data bases hoping for a lucky hit? A better name for them would be Data Miners, because that's all their people are trained for. They have not been trained in the art of Skip Tracing!

We find people - We locate your collateral - We provide the best service available

If you're frustrated with your current skip / forwarding company you are not alone. If you are dissatisfied with the same old information being passed along with no results Give us a call!! We will get you results or there is no charge.

  Terri - Qualified Manager & Lead Skiptracer
Working in the finance industry for over 18 years. Terri came to us from one of the top sub-prime financial institutions, where she was top skip tracer for over 6 years running! Terri has proven herself in many areas of the collection industry from medical collections to pre and charged off vehicle loans.

  Celest - Skiptracer
  Shila - Skiptracer
  Jenny - Skiptracer

  Chuck - Office Staff

  David - Office Staff

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